Ploome in Tulum Pilates Wellness Retreat 2018


If you’re looking for a serious sweat in not-so-serious company, you’ve come to the right place. From professional athletes to expectant moms, we believe that inspired movement and empowered living begin with dynamic, engaging, and balanced workouts that celebrate every shape and size.

Our circuited Pilates equipment classes combine high intensity interval training (HIIT), innovative Pilates equipment sequences, and self-myofascial release to build your stamina, increase your strength, and stretch your muscles.

Our private Pilates equipment sessions blend neuroscience and physical therapy to help you optimize your athletic performance, prevent injury, and rehabilitate after physical trauma

Can’t make it to the studio? Workout with us from your computer or mobile device. Our 15-55 minute virtual workouts are designed to advance your Ploome Pilates practice at home and on the go.

We would be honored to share a discounted sweat with you in studio, on location, or online. Sample all that Ploome Pilates has to offer with our New Client Specials:

Download our exclusive  PLOOME PILATES Mobile App from iTunes or Google Play to schedule your classes, book your private sessions, and access your virtual workouts. Together, let’s crush your fitness goals, indulge your curiosities, and inspire others to greatness!

Ploome Pilates Equipment Classes

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