We help many professional, semiprofessional, and club athletes stay strong and safe on Game Day. Our prehab and rehab Pilates programs combine cardio conditioning and low impact strength training on the Pilates Cadillac, Reformer, Wunda Chair, and Ladder Barrel to synergistically activate your muscles and regulate their movement. We offer Functional Movement Screens, Neurokinetic Therapy treatments, and Kinesiology Tapings as part of our prehab/rehab sessions to ground your workouts and elevate your studio experience.

At Ploome, we specialize in addressing and correcting pelvic floor disorders, spinal conditions, and abdominal tears and separations. From sports hernias to scoliosis and diastasis, our clients understand that recovery is a gradual process and that Pilates is a long-term practice. They trust us to build intelligent movement programs for them that effectively meet their medical needs and strategically crush their fitness goals.

Learn more about the special communities we serve and the ways in which our team can provide you with support. We work very closely with our clients’ medical teams and are happy to connect with yours too, if you choose.


Group Classes

Group Classes

Our studio sweats accommodate a wide range of Pilates practitioners, from newbies to diehards. The group class environment is a great place to gain confidence and support. We recommend you jump into classes after completing one private. During that session, we can directly address your specific condition and provide recommendations on how to move forward in your Pilates practice.

Private Sessions

Private Sessions

If you are preparing your body for surgery or working through a chronic condition, private Pilates sessions are the best tool for tackling your goals. We encourage our prehab and rehab clients to schedule at least two privates per week during their first four weeks at Ploome. By doing so, you will build a strong Pilates foundation and a solid understanding of how this practice can be used to jumpstart your recovery.


We currently offer two virtual workout bundles to support your recovery. Each bundle contains eight 15-55 min. Pilates-inspired mat, barre, apparatus, and run routines. Our Essential Pilates w/ Props Bundle is great for prehab and rehab clients. Our Prenatal Pilates w/ Props Bundle is perfect for clients with pelvic floor conditions and abdominal separations.

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